Our Practice

Gleichman Commercial35Transformational Leadership, a foundation model in our work, draws upon the extensive body of knowledge on leadership. At the core of the model is the ring of consciousness that addresses self, relationships and the enterprise.

Conscious individuals forming conscious groups working toward a shared purpose and vision are vital ingredients to creating a conscious enterprise. Consciousness of enterprise is seen when the entire organization has the ability to reflect and learn.

Moving out from the core, the eight attributes of great managers and great leaders are shown as polarities (visionary versus analytical, creative versus administrative, energetic versus empowering by way of example). Our research shows that, as transformational leaders, it is insufficient to obtain just one skill represented in each end of the polarity. Rather, transformational leaders must discover and master the capacity in both ends of the polarity. With resiliency, effective leaders call upon the management or leadership skills needed for the given situation.

To this end, we offer immersion programs and short courses, shown left.