CATALYST – Change Agent Training and Leadership Strategies

Announcement: Transformation Systems International has rescheduled the 2016 Catalyst training for August 7-19, 2016. As a result, there is still time to register and make travel arrangements. Please contact Patti Maggoria with inquiries or registration. More details about the Catalyst program are below.

CATALYST is designed for mid-level managers and change agents, people who are responsible for deploying the organization’s vision and facilitating breakthrough improvement.   The purpose of the program is to foster leadership, peer relationships, and to provide practical knowledge and skills required to translate organizational vision into results.


  • Gain working knowledge about the fundamental principles of transformation.
  • Learn methods and tools for application.
  • Build intentionality as a change agent.
  • Target and begin work on a demonstration project


Effective Coaching to Build Clarity of Purpose and Vision: Participants are coached one-to-one or in small groups to gain clarity and deepened commitment toward life and organizational goals.

Site-Visits to World-Class Organizations: Our site visits provide leaders and change agents with the unique opportunity to see, hear and experience firsthand how other successful organizations make change happen. The organizations we frequently visit include Nike, Microsoft, Boeing, King County, Washington State Government, Oregon Progress Board, Oregon State Bar, Oregon Zoo, Starbucks, Vancouver Public Schools, Norm Thompson and others.

Personal and Interpersonal Mastery Coaching: Topics in this area include: Base concepts & tools in transformation (e.g. 4 Cornerstones; the Wall; Alignment); Resiliency; High Performance Work Teams; Measurement; Communication, 5 Parts of Change; Project Management; Trust; and Life Planning.

Knowledge Building in Change Methodologies: Specific knowledge and application tools are gained in building effective performance management systems and understanding the whole-systems approach to managing change.

Built-in time for leisure and reflection: While each two-week program is an intensive learning experience, we realize that integral to any learning opportunity is the need to take some time devoted to reflection and fun. We have built several reflective and leisure activities into the curriculum during the evenings and weekend.


Course Length and Location – Two weeks (annually), in Portland, Oregon, USA