Creating a Performance Culture

For leaders and change agents who know that the culture of the organization is holding back performance and want to do something about it. Also, training suitable for frontline personnel on performance culture and personal alignment of work-life is available.


Immoveable organizational culture is often decried as the reason for change effort failures. But is the culture not a key to change? Instead of blaming the culture, this workshop targets organizational culture as the vehicle to shift results to a higher plain.

Course Format

Utilizing decades of organizational performance research, the presenters walk participants through understanding the cultural performance criteria. An assessment of the participants’ cultures with respect to these proven cultural performance criteria provides the basis for building an action plan to improvement.

This course proceeds in four phases. The first phase is a deeper understanding of the organization’s culture. What are the artifacts? What are the values in use? What are the basic assumptions of the organization? The second phase is to understand the aspects of the culture that are productive and the aspects of the culture that are non-productive. The third phase is where participants develop practices and processes to change those elements of the culture that are non-productive. The final phase is where participants learn techniques to cement the new culture.