Developing an Executing Organization

This short course explores why the best strategic plans are only partially achieved and what to do about it.


Most organizations create wonderful plans. If not, they hire consultants that give them wonderful plans. The problem with organizations is that they frequently do not execute the plan they have created. This seminar is designed to give leaders and their organizations the necessary tools to become an executing organization.

Course Format

Utilizing decades of research, examples from clients we have helped, and examples from successful executing organizations, the goal of this course is to help leaders become more consistent in executing their plans.

This course proceeds in three phases. The first phase is an understanding of what execution means, how is it different from planning, and how it involves but is not limited to implementation. The second phase is where leaders develop the skills needed to become more successful in execution. During this phase we develop the core skills necessary (questioning, persistence, and follow-through) to enable to become more consistent in your execution abilities. The third phase is where participants refine (and in some cases, develop) new plans that will enable them to be successful in executing their organization’s strategic plans.