Ed Warnock

Ed Warnock

Ed is a partner of Transformation Systems International, LLC, a consultant on creating and executing strategic plans. He is the winner of the Outstanding Faculty Award at the Oregon Executive MBA program. He consults with public and private organizations on managing strategic change and gives keynote addresses on achieving goals.

He has a degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Masters Degree in Whole Systems Design.

Prior to his work with Cumulus Resources, Ed served as:

  • COO of an oil field services company in Texas
  • A director for a number of organizations including an international development agency serving in over sixty countries
  • Thermodynamics research at the Michelson-Morely Laboratory at China Lake, Calif.
  • A director of an international development project in Sudan, Africa
  • A Bush pilot in the Philippines


  • Strategic Planning
  • Balanced scorecard implementation
  • Building the organizational capacity to plan and execute change
  • Performance management for strategy implementation
  • Making “Earned Value Methodologies” accessible and valuable as a management tool


  • President, The American Society of Training and Development (Oregon Chapter}
  • Project Management Institute
  • Software Association of Oregon
  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Ed lives outside Portland, Oregon with Linda his wife of thirty-nine years. He enjoys either hiking in the northwest woods or soaring over them in his glider.