Five Ingredients to Successful Transformation

This short course offers an excellent synthesis of the most important ingredients of transformation. Designers have researched the body of knowledge in change management and identified the most critical elements. Based upon the text, Successful Organizational Transformation: The Five Critical Elements (Washington, Hacker, Hacker), the course will help guide leaders of change through the often-confusing models and theories of transformational change.


One subject that is receiving a lot of attention is organizational change. Whether it is re-inventing government, re-engineering corporations, or reforming churches, all kinds of organizations are attempting major transformations. The number of books on the subject of organizational change perhaps only overshadows the pace of organizational change projects. One only has to scan the business section of any local bookstore to see that there are numerous titles on the subject of organizational change. While each book may be interesting, the books often do not build upon each other, and sometimes develops contradictory ideas and concepts.

In this program, we develop the underlying key elements that are central to many of the issues being discussed in numerous organizational change books. As such, the goal is to not to introduce new ideas and concepts, but to summarize the existing body of knowledge in a way that captures the basic building blocks of many organizational change concepts.

Course Format

This course will “walk” participants through the five ingredients of transformation. Burning Platform, why should you do anything; Vision, where are you going; Leadership, who will lead the effort; Technical Plan, how will you close the gap between the vision and the burning platform; Social Plan, who will you enroll others in the plan. At the end of this program, individuals will understand why change efforts fail, what ingredients are needed to ensure success, and what skills are needed at the organizational, group, and individual level to maximize improvement efforts.