Government Leadership in Action

This program creates a powerful community of purpose made up of leaders and change agents from across a government entity. Community learns together and identifies areas where “collective” intentionality and action can produce transformative change.

We aspire to build leadership competence within government in a consistent and conforming manner so as to have a sustainable cultural shift…a bias for leadership.   Through our work we seek to expand leadership capacity to co-create new organizational futures through shared leadership, ownership, idea generation and breakthrough performance while enhancing the effectiveness of others. We care about deeply involved leadership, which is leadership that brings forth a passion for self, relational and organizational transformation.

Expected Outcome

Individually, to see ourselves anew bringing forth renewed passion and energy for life, and collectively, to create an intentional community of purpose holding the possibility of transformative change in the Public Service.

Objectives for Participants

  • Expand your ability to more powerfully deal with breakdowns and to make the right choices for you and the organization.
  • Achieve new capacities to adopt productive mindsets (filters/contexts) that bring forth the results you want. Transcend victim consciousness on all levels.
  • Understand three types of change and gain greater access and capacity to generate transformation at work and in life.
  • Gain knowledge and tools in the areas of transformational leadership and customer service.
  • Experience the power of authentic community. Interact with others from a place of virtue opposed to fear or scarcity.
  • Catalyze results in streamlining government regulations while preserving the quality of life, safety and health of Oregonians.


Total of six classroom days over a 3-6 month period with small group assignments between classes. The six classroom sessions with address the following:

  • Transformational Leadership & Leading a Life of Meaning
  • Create Our Community of Purpose (field projects introduced here)
  • Transcend Unproductive Mindsets That Hold You Back
  • Being Passionate Service
  • Execution & Systems Management: Getting to Results
  • A Return to Where We Began: Reflection, Appreciation and Future Action