John Cuddy

John Cuddy

John Cuddy is a successful consultant to organizations transforming the use of technology to produce business results. Having served in the C-suite as CEO, COO, and CIO, he is uniquely qualified to choose interventions and initiatives that improve performance and increase organizational effectiveness.

As CEO (Chief Executive Officer), John led efforts to turn around and transform a $3 billion organization. John was also COO (Chief Operating Officer) of a government organization with a $5 billion budget and 40,000 employees. He served as CIO (Chief Information Officer) for a $4 billion organization and for a state’s second largest school district.

John established and led a research institute in a large university, was a manager in several state government organizations and led marketing efforts in large private technology companies.

He has served on the boards of professional organizations at the national level and for local community organizations whose missions resonate with his life purpose. John is also a jazz pianist who performs locally and has composed more than 1,200 tunes.

John was educated at Kenyon College, Edinburgh University, The Ohio State University, and he holds an MBA from Columbia University.