Priscilla Cuddy

Priscilla Cuddy

Priscilla Rose Cuddy is committed to being a catalyst for individual and organizational growth.  She has worked most frequently in service to the public sector, both as a consultant and employee.

Priscilla served the state of Ohio in various capacities—helping people get jobs, increasing organizational diversity, administering federal programs, and leading efforts to train and develop the state workforce. She led a consulting company for twenty-five years that developed managers in the federal government, helped grow federal leadership capacity, and increased efficiency and quality practices.

Priscilla believes that government is often more efficient and effective than is usually understood by the general public. Yet much can yet be done to use precious public resources wisely and she has demonstrated improvements by using quality principles and applying traditional Japanese practices such as lean manufacturing to government organizations.  Priscilla helps organizations learn to think from a systems perspective and develop strategic plans with full consideration of the greater system and operating context.

In the state of Oregon she developed and led programs to create succession opportunities. She instituted the development of both management and leadership skills, producing a management curriculum aligned with competencies along with a variety of leadership development programs. She helped establish lean practices in the state’s largest organization and provided the foundation for developing a corps of trained lean leaders. And she coaches executives and top managers, conducts workshops and advocates for professional growth.

In her community, she is a member of the Salem City Club, Friends of Deepwood, and she is a strong and visible supporter of the Salem Multicultural Institute that produces World Beat, the city’s premier summer event.  For 12, Priscilla has hosted a monthly First Friday gathering in her home. First Friday has established an informal community of people devoted to improving government.