Transformational Leadership – Secrets of the African Wild Dogs

This program is designed to re-engage the top leadership team of an organization in the creation of the organization of the future. Leaders are re-energized and, perhaps more importantly, fully aligned to once again take the helm of the organization.

Often executive leaders become bogged down in the near term tasks just to keep the organization afloat. This offering is designed to re-engage leadership with the job of strategic leadership and the creation of the organization of the future. Forming the vision, culture, processes and personnel required for the future is a leadership mandate. At the end of the workshop, leaders will be equipped with the mental models necessary for success and re-energized to once again take the helm with confidence. In addition, strategic plans for the organization will be brought to life.

Course Content

Based upon the popular text, Leading Peak Performance: Lessons from the Wild Dogs of Africa, focus is brought to how the slippage back to organizational management versus organizational leadership occurs. Participants are facilitated through a discovery process of their current priorities…their true (not desired) expenditure of will. Through a frank assessment of targeted goals and actual results, genuine performance is evaluated.   The power of will, conscious or unconscious, is made explicit. Strategies to improve performance are developed.

The African wild dog is used to demonstrate key transformational leadership characteristics. Based upon original research conducted by TSI staff, these characteristics and skills have proven to form the basic building blocks of high performance leaders.