Walt Roberts

Walt has worked, personally and professionally, in the field of transformational change most of his adult life. He offers theory of change, integrated strategy, change process design, virtual team tools, and implementation infrastructure for game-changing movements, coalitions, programs, and organizations.

Walt has worked in many fields including; High Tech, Sustainable Development, Ecosystem Management, Land Use Planning, Transpartisan Politics, Transboundary Collaboration, Generative Group Process Design, and Transformational Leadership for Breakthrough Performance.

Walt’s more recent work includes serving as a transformation leadership program team member for TSI; serving on the leadership team for the Transpartisan Alliance (working to build bridges across political divides); designingthe Living Room Conversations (a process for finding common ground on divisive issues with Joan Blades, founder of MoveOn.org); working with the Coffee Party 2.0 (organizational development project for a U.S. social change movement); and with InterOccupy.net (providing organizing and communication services to connect network of local Occupy movements).

Walt has been a partner with Transformation Systems International since 2002, is a past board member of The Performance Center, and is a co-founder of Changing the Game: Power Politics and Participation.  He has a degree in Economics from Beloit College and was an award-winning sales and marketing manager in the early days of the personal computer revolution.

Walt lives in Portland, Oregon.